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It has made huge personal differences to my life, and essentially this is what I bring to those who work with me.

Using coaching techniques, allied to NLP and hypnotherapy, and not least my considerable experience in working with a whole range of people, I believe I can help you make the adjustments you want to be more satisfied/ fulfilled with your life, face and eliminate fears and blocks and to be able to take the inevitable life bumps in your stride and reset quicker following challenging times.  

What I do

The fact that I am now more resourceful is due to an understanding of the power and potential of mindset: it impacts on our lives in so many ways of which are not always aware.

And it can be harnessed for our own advantage in getting to where you want to go, or even knowing where that might be!

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Workshop, training and event speaker:

Specialising in emotional wellbeing and resilience, mindset and personal development.

I respond and develop bespoke workshops and training to meet the needs for your particular business/ organisations.

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