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The Power of Yet


Have you ever written yourself off in your ability to learn, develop and blossom? Maybe you didn’t mean to do it, because who would right?.

Yet we do, and often without registering that we’ve done it.

Every time we say “I can’t”, ”I’m no good at…”, or think ”that’s not for the likes of me”.

And there’s countless more ways of putting it which all have the same effect.

We are commenting to ourself about our own lack of ability.

That is, creating self limiting beliefs.

And the more we say them and think them, the more it becomes self fulfilling.

But then there’s the Power of YET.

I have to say that I hadn’t previously been aware of this artful yet simple concept prior to doing research for a recent mindset event.

Maybe you have heard of it?

It’s all about belief in our innate ability and capacity to grow and achieve even if there has been a prior lacking of the perception of success in any prior area, ability or skill or whatever.

I say perception because that’s all it is: its neither necessarily real, true or indeed, unable to be changed.

It has been used in children and young people’s education to great effect but equally relevant to adults.

In schools in inner city New York City, which relative to other schools from more affluent areas, did not perform as well in educational achievement markers, they gave seminars to the children about growth mindset . And they followed this up with an attitudinal approach guided by “The Power of YET”.

It produced markedly improved results in academic levels of attainment surpassing that which they reached prior to this initiative, but also compared to different schools in the area which had previously surpassed them.

The power of believing you can improve and that any ability is not fixed is indicative of a GROWTH MINDSET.

So maybe next time you catch yourself or feel tempted to write yourself off, define something as fixed or limit yourself….STOP!

Try using the POWER OF YET yourself and with others; in education and employment it is a particularly effective tool to use with others which can lead to optimum performance but individual esteem, satisfaction and the fulfilment of potential.

Be sure of one thing, in so many aspect of life, you get the results you expect.

Or to put it another way , what you tell yourself impacts upon the outcomes you experience.

If you want to check out more about this subject, this is a great Ted talk to watch:

Carol S Dweck on the “Power of Yet”

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