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Some questions to open up your thinking…

Do you unwittingly define yourself by your inability to do something without even realising that you’re doing it?.

Are you sure that all the things you’ve told yourself that you can’t or don’t want to do still hold?

Might you be making subconscious decisions or perhaps self limiting ones without realising?

I know I have, and we get into habits or become, for want of better words, “set in our way” without being conscious of that particular decision.

The words about what we won’t or can’t do can be coming out of our mouths before we even stop and have a chance to review them and consider if they still hold true.

I really dislike water to the point of fear: but I know I can overcome it when I want to. The opportunity to kayak in the 300 metre deep part of the St Lawrence river in Quebec to see whales provided the incentive to see the wonderful sights of humpbacks tail slapping and a group of beluga whales playing.

I can also get dizzy and disoriented with heights, but the prospect of a birds eye view of the seeing the Piazza del Campo in Sienna was enough to convince me to climb the 102 metre Torre del Mangia, and I wasn’t disappointed. Even though I had to hold on to a central part for a few minutes before I ventured to the edge to take the view in properly!

So when the reward outweighs the cost it can be incentive to question the limits its we may have placed on ourselves. A reward in itself might be the intrinsic benefit of choice and a greater repertoire of possibilities.

So why might we unintentionally limit ourselves?

Fears and phobias can get in the way of leading a life free of inhibition, and the more we revisit any limiting habit, the more entrenched it becomes. Even if the positive intention of such behaviour is to keep us safe, what starts out as a built in protection mechanism can become like a straitjacket.

Of course it all starts when the subconscious kicks in: one of it’s functions is to keep us safe: so the lack of ability to think further than that is often automatic and not entirely conscious.

Today, why don’t you review what your subconscious may be doing and open up some possibilities or some old ones that you may have discounted


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