Positivity or perspective?

When I mention to some people that I am a transformational coach and that its all about our relationship with thinking, I often get the same response…..

Yes, of course it’s about positive thinking isn’t it?

Well not exactly…. in fact I wouldn’t say the essence of transformation is about positive thinking.

And that’s not just because personally I am a bit of a born optimist. That is, unless you catch me on the days that there’s a cloud over much of what’s going on in my life.

Positive thinking isn’t that easy to do: try controlling or redirecting the 1000s of thoughts you have each day!

And now try to access the automatic ones, the unconscious part that makes up what’s estimated to be 90% of our total daily thoughts.

How time consuming!

And there’s always the sneaky wee ones that gets through.

You can influence your thoughts and tendencies towards more positivity

And its always more effective to change behaviour to create a “go to” behaviour as opposed to an “away from” one and constantly having to correct yourself.

But let’s face it……life throws up some crappy situations that just have to be ridden out

We can’t go through life without encountering sadness, frustration and hurt

It’s the human experience.

Leaving aside our individual perception of each occurrence for this blog, we have to accept these things inevitable

But in the scheme of things it’s an episode, a chapter and not the whole book, nor does it need to be a long running series with sequels.

The only way you can bring it forward to impact longer is in your thoughts.

If its not happening now, that’s only ever where it can be.

Effectively you may just be raking through the cupboard looking at some old junk.

Back to positivity: it has its place.

However, if we just understand that at the root of our experience of life is our relationship with thinking, and our ability or even tendency to perceive things as worse than they are, or recall negative things that aren’t happening anymore , this alone would change how we think and feel about life.

This awareness lends perspective rather than needs to change it.

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