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Meet Sheila

During a work-life spanning 40 years, often in difficult circumstances, I have supported people to make changes that improve the quality of their life.

How do I know that transformational coaching is effective? Because I’ve benefited from it, and witnessed the results for others!

I used to consider myself quite self aware but this didn’t prevent me from, at times, feeling stuck, repeating unhelpful behaviours and self sabotaging.

Using the same tools to try to change this as I had used to develop these habits in the first place just didn’t work! And talking about them helped me understand them, but not necessarily change them.

Without a doubt coaching and NLP was a transformational discovery for me helped me take the it was the biggest discovery and leap forward I've ever made.

Sporting wise if I had known then, what I know now!

When my bottle crashed as a GB under 21 athlete lining up for a race in front of 25k people and a bank of TV cameras, my hurdling career might not have come to an end. Seemingly insurmountable at the time, I now know that my competitive mindset could have recovered and been reset without too much difficulty.  


My aim is to share my discovery about the potential of mindset coaching to transform your life, and make it accessible to as many people as possible

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Through study, practice and hard won life experience, I consider myself not only a positive advert for transformational mindset coaching, but also an effective coach for others.

It can be easier that you think to achieve the changes which will make the difference that you desire.

It has made huge personal differences to my own life, and essentially this is what I bring to those who work with me.

Using coaching techniques, allied to NLP and hypnotherapy, and not least my considerable experience in working with a whole range of people, I believe I can help you make the adjustments you want to be more satisfied/ fulfilled with your life, face and eliminate fears and blocks, and take the inevitable bumps of life in your stride, and reset quicker following challenging times.  

The fact that I am now more resourceful is due to an understanding of the power and potential of mindset: it impacts on our lives in so many ways of which we are not always aware.  It can be harnessed for our own advantage in getting to where you want to go, or even knowing where that might be!

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